I started blogging when I was 14 years old and I learned coding html and css as a hobby since then by myself. I did some specific courses at Impacta Tecnologia in São Paulo when I was 21 but I ended up using the template of WordPress. =P

I had a blog called Koko For the World that I released in the World Cup 2012. The purpose was that I studied in Fort Lauderdale (USA) on the beginning of the year and met people from many places in the world. I was in contact with them all the time and they wanted to come to Brazil for the World Cup. In the beginning I was giving information one by one until I got lazy enough to do that and decided to have a blog about all the places I like around Brazil, especially restaurants and coffee places.

Koko For The World

Well, that blog was a success with more than 13.000 visits from people from all around the world! That was amazing!!! I was surprised and really happy! However, my life started changing after I studied English in Fort Lauderdale, USA in 2012. I’ve got addicted to travelling.

In 2012, I realised that English was not that fun anymore as I studied it since I was 9 years old and it was my second language. I studied Spanish, but I couldn’t match with the language because my mother tong, which is Portuguese, is so similar that I was confused all times. Then I quit it and started a self-study of French and loved it. In the beginning of 2013 I went to Paris, France to study French for a month on my uni holidays and ended up with my speaking almost fluent after all the bad times I had there. Believe me, it was really nice but horrible at the same time, I’ll try to tell the story in a post here. And so, while I was there I travelled to Switzerland, Italy and England, many stories to tell you guys!

Then, I graduated from my bachelor degree in Social Communication in the end of 2013. After that I was a bit lost. Actually totally lost. I had an easy and good life thanks to my parents and because of that I never stopped to think about what I really wanted for my life. I never had to ‘fight’ to survive like them when they were my age. They are who they are because of their past but what about me? I was sooo fucked up. After uni I ended up finding an Accounting job and stayed there temporarily until I decide what to do.

In the end of 2014 I decided to study abroad again and so, I didn’t update the information on Koko For The World for more than 2 years. Actually I was supposed to stay for a year at a Management course but then I decided to stay more and ended up staying 2 years and 2 months in Europe. I lived one year in Belfast, Northern Ireland, one year in Sheffield, England, two months in Vera, Spain and one month in Madrid, Spain. I studied Graduate Diploma in Management in Belfast, studied Bsc. International Business with Spanish in Sheffield and did my internship at a hotel in Vera, Spain. Then, I came back home on the end of 2016.

After staying abroad for so long I decided putting it down. I didn’t want to give people the wrong information. But now I finally came back to São Paulo and I decided to start it all again. This time I’m going slowly as I have a different life, a brand new job and loads of stuff to take care of.

Now, I have more than only Brazil to talk about in here so I’ll probably be posting my travel stories.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy!!

Feel free to contact me if you want or need!