I want to be remembered as someone who influenced positively someone’s life.

Corina is…

Seen as someone who’s not afraid of anything. The truth is that she’s only afraid of looking back and regreting of things she didn’t do in life. She wants to enjoy life the most as possible.


Brazilian. Descendant of Japanese and part of the 3rd generation born and raised in Brazil.

Languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Spanish, French.

Other languages studied but not fluent: Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian.(basic)

Lived in: Florida (USA), Paris (France), Belfast (NI), Sheffield (England) and Almeria,Madrid (Spain)

Visited: 21 countries

Bsc Degree in Journalism, Graduate Diploma in Management and International Business.

Other Courses: Medicine Veterinary, iOS Programming, Front End Programming,Flight Attendant,Au Pair training

Now: Civil Aviation

Hobbies: Ice skating, Roller skating, Dancing, Karaoke, Travel, Cook, Party

Dance classes done: Salsa, Bachata, Chachacha, Merengue, Zouk (brazilian), Kizomba, Tango, Waltz, West Coast Swing, Rockabilly, Samba no pé, Samba de Gafieira, Forró, Bolero, “Soltinho”, Samba-rock, Sertanejo Universitário, Hip Hop, Stiletto, Zumba.

Beverage: Matte tea, Black tea, Green tea, Coffee, Bubble Tea, Coke, Guaraná, Tonic Water

Drink: red wine, beer, Apperol Spritz, Mojito, Cuba Libre

Food: Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Filipino, Vegan food, I eat almost everything.

Favorite Dishes: Steak tartare, carpaccio

Allergy: no, but lactose intolerance

She cooks: Brazilian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Spanish… and I creat my own food.


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  • @chezkokomaison – Pet Sitter in São Paulo
  • @koryshop_station – My online store
  • @co.pilot2021 – in construction